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Listed below find immediate openings as of:
August 23, 2016

General Availability
Bands are normally booked 4-6 months in advance and even longer for private and corporate events. Availability changes daily. Contact us immediately to ensure availability.

Friday, September 2
Sparks the Rescue, Tritide
Saturday, September 3
Digital Getdown

Friday, September 9
M80, Nowhere Slow
Saturday, September 10
Shake3X, M80, Digital Getdown

Friday, September 16
M80, Thunk
Saturday, September 17
The Whiskeyhickon Boys, Tritide

Friday, September 23
Emily's Toybox, M80, Flowers for Taco
Saturday, September 24
Shake3X, Sparks the Rescue, Graystone Allstars

Friday, September 30
Tritide, Digital Getdown
Saturday, October 1
Digital Getdown, Tritide

Friday, October 7
Steal the Sky, Emily's Toybox, M80, Flowers for Taco
Saturday, October 8
The Jason Dumm Band, Flowers for Taco Trio, Digital Getdown

Friday, October 14
Emily's Toybox, Shake3X, Flowers for Taco
Saturday, October 15
Flowers for Taco, Shake3X, Graystone Allstars

Friday, October 21
M80, Emily's Toybox, The Jason Dumm Band
Saturday, October 22
The Jason Dumm Band, Graystone Allstars, Digital Getdown


Labor Day Eve, Sunday, September 4
Tritide, Whiskeyhickon Boys

Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, Novemeber 23
The Jason Dumm Band, M80, Steal the Sky, The Wild Ones,

New Years Eve, Saturday December 31
The Jason Dumm Band, Emily's Toybox, Flowers for Taco, M80, Shake3X, Digital Getdown, Whiskeyhickon Boys

Band of the Month


Our most recent signing, The Jason Dumm Band consists of highly talented musicians that are creating a demand for themselves right from start! Featuring multiple members with National Act touring credits led by frontman extraordinaire Jason Dumm, this band is quickly rising to become one of our Shining Stars!

Jason Dumm (Lead Vocals, Guitar) bring his national touring experience to front this impressive lineup along with former Breaking Benjamin musician Jonathan "Bug" Price (Bass and vocals), young guitar virtuoso Tony Strunk (Guitar/Vocals) and national touring act drummer Stewie Ardnt (Drums)!

An active web presence & promotion with already over 3200 social media followers have driven this band's fanbase and shows to quickly put them among the circuit's Rising Stars!

Expect every Jason Dumm Band show to have a high level of energy and musicianship as the members ooze moxie and remarkable showmanship

Click HERE to listen to a medley by The Jason Dumm Band and a unique concept video!

Prime Fall/Winter dates are available!

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