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Listed below find immediate openings updated 3 times a week as of:
May 17 2019

General Availability
Bands are normally booked 4-6 months in advance and even longer for private and corporate events. Availability changes daily. Contact us immediately to ensure availability.

Friday May 24
Hunkajunk, Jason Dumm Band, Nowhere Slow, Until Sunrise
Saturday May 25
Shake Shake Shake, Light Up The Moon

Friday May 31
Kevin Miller's Smashed, Jason Dumm Band, Light Up The Moon, Whiskeyhickon Boys
Saturday June 1
Gas Station Disco, Nowhere Slow

Friday June 7
Shake Shake Shake, Gas Station Disco, Until Sunrise
Saturday June 8
Gas Station Disco, Until Sunrise

Friday June 14
Kevin Miller's Smashed, Light Up The Moon, Nowhere Slow, Gas Station Disco, Hunkajunk
Saturday June 15
Gas Station Disco



Memorial Day Eve, Sunday May 26
Emily's Toybox, Flowers for Taco, Gas Station Disco, Light Up the Moon, M80, The Jason Dumm Band, Until Sunrise

Wednesday, July 3
Emily's Toybox, Flowers for Taco, Gas Station Disco, High Five Swan Dive, Hunkajunk, M80, Shake Shake Shake

Thursday, 4th of July
Emily's Toybox, High Five Swan Dive,Light Up The Moon, Shake Shake Shake

Thanksgiving Eve Wednesday November 27
Steal The Sky, Kevin Miller's Smashed, Flowers For Taco Emily's Toybox, High Five Swan Dive,Light Up The Moon, Shake Shake Shake, Hunkajunk

New Year's Eve Tuesday, December 31st
Steal The Sky, Flowers for Taco, M80, High Jason Dumm Band, Emily's Toybox, High Five Swan Dive, Light Up The Moon, Shake Shake Shake

Band of the Month


Steal the Sky is a very popular marquee band with over 10,850 Social Media Followers whose riveting performances are receiving kudos from audiences and buyers alike at premier clubs, casinos and resorts in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Driven by lead vocalist extraordinaire Alyssa Lee, the definitive young entertainer in the scene. Combined with some of the most respected musicians/vocalists that include the soulful rock voice of guitarist Stephen McKnight, vocalist and bass player Eliot Reisz and drummer Jared Larew. Their fresh updated song list of the Pop Rock Hits of today, mashups, medleys and choice greatest hits are packing the dance floors everywhere!

Check out their video and hot song list that has everyone talking here!

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