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Listed below find immediate openings updated 3 times a week as of:
December 15, 2017

General Availability
Bands are normally booked 4-6 months in advance and even longer for private and corporate events. Availability changes daily. Contact us immediately to ensure availability.

Friday, December 22
Saturday, December 23
M80, Kevin Miller's Smashed

Friday, December 29
Flowers for Taco, Light Up the Moon, Shake3X
Saturday, December 30
Light Up the Moon, Gypsy Wisdom

Friday, January 5
Steal the Sky, M80, HunkaJunk
Saturday, January 6
Emily's Toybox, Light Up the Moon, Kevin Miller's Smashed

Friday, January 12
High Five Swan Dive, M80
Saturday, January 13
Emily's Toybox, Kevin Miller's Smashed, Jason Dumm Band

Friday, January 19
Shake3X, High Five Swan Dive, Light Up the Moon
Saturday, January 20-
Steal the Sky, Emily's Toybox, M80

Friday, January 26
Steal the Sky, Emily's Toybox, High Five Swan Dive
Saturday, January 27
Kevin Miller's Smashed, HunkaJunk

Friday, February 2
Steal the Sky, Flowers for Taco, M80
Saturday, February 3
Emily's Toybox, Light Up the Moon



New Year's Eve, Sunday December 31
Light Up the Moon, High Five Swan Dive

Mardi Gras, Tuesday Febraury 13
Emily's Toybox, Flowers for Taco, Gypsy Wisdom, High Five Swan Dive, Light Up the Moon, My Hero Zero, Shake3X, Kevin Miller's Smashed, Steal the Sky

President's Day Eve, Sunday February 18
Emily's Toybox, High Five Swan Dive, Light Up the Moon, My Hero Zero, Shake3X, Kevin Miller's Smashed, Steal the Sky

Band of the Month


High Five Swan Dive

High Five Swan Dive is a Philly based Buzz Band who for the past several years have been impacting the Mid Atlantic Club and Casino scenes. Bringing an upbeat Dance Rock repertoire that keeps the dance floor packed and moving this is a band you do not want to miss out on!

H5SD delivers heart pounding dance rhythms behind front woman Allison Fink and frontman Noah Hercky whose powerhouse vocals captures the band's energy in a fury of emotional power.

A road warrior performing shows in 8 states at over 30 venues earning high fives from nearly 3000 social media followers, purchasers, and fans alike, this ambitious upbeat Dance Rock band's popularity is ever growing.

Check it all out HERE!

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