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Carl Bell, songwriter and guitarist of multi-platinum rock giants Fuel, takes on his Southern roots with his debut solo album, "Tennessee Fuel." The initial reaction is very positive, "Though the genre of music has changed from rock to country, Bell's knack for writing incredibly moving, relatable and catchy songs has not. It's here where Bell truly opens up and takes you on a journey back to where it all began." - Jeff Gorra, Artist Waves

Additional Info:

Multiplatinum guitarist and primary Fuel songwriter Carl Bell has released his first solo project, TENNESSEE FUEL, which returns to his country roots in Tennessee.

Bell, best known for penning Billboard's No. 5 Rock song of the 2000's Fuel's "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)," and other MODERN ROCK and TOP 40 hits "Shimmer," "Innocent," and "Falls on Me," has devoted his time since Fuel to writing MODERN COUNTRY songs, paying homage to his childhood, family, and southern upbringing.

A writer, performer, and producer of every part of Tennessee Fuel except the drums, Bell describes his new album as a deeply personal and autobiographical journey through his past and how it shaped him. In his own words, "the country life is certainly one I'm intimately familiar with, and [recording the album] has been a lot of fun... it all feels like a very natural progression."

Plans are being made now for Carl to tour America. Dates will be posted on carlbellmusic.com or on Carl's Facebook.

Check out Carl Bell's electronic press kit video below:


"Tennesse Fuel" Tracklisting:
1. Kiss
2. Dad
3. All In
4. Bad Day
5. Stoned
6. Let It Roll
7. Faces in a Photograph
8. Run Away
9. Last of the Country Boys
10. Fixing You and Me