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July For Kings
July For Kings found national exposure with their Geffen Records released "Swim", their hit single "Normal Life" and ensuing EP. JFK is known for their unique and melodic sound of alternative rock. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH and recently regrouped and are recording new material.

Additional Info:

Joe Hedges - Vocals, Guitar
T Miller - Guitar, Cello
Dan McQuinn - Drums

John McGuire - Guitar
Brian Ives - Bass

July For Kings is a rock band from the Cincinnati, OH area comprised of singer/songwriter Joe Hedges, cellist and guitarist T Miller, and drummer Dan McQuinn. In 2002 July For Kings released their debut album "Swim" on Geffen Records. The first single "Normal Life" received national airplay on major US FM rock stations. The single was also the #1 most requested on Las Vegas' KMBX.

In 2005 July For Kings released the seven-song follow-up "Nostalgia" showcasing Hedges' unique songwriting and T Miller's cello work.

- Under the original band name, Swim, five of their songs were heard on MTV's hit series The Real World.
- In 2000, the band won two Cammy's (Cincinnati Music Awards) that included Favorite Band and Best Rock Instrumentalist for Sam Dobrozsi
- July For Kings received airplay with their first single "Normal Life", including No. 1 most requested on Las Vegas station KMXB
- Signed by Joel Mark in 2001 to MCA Records

Safe Unless
1. "Chasing The Wind"
2. "Away"
3. "Clearview"
4. "And Gomorra"
5. "Archaic Smile"
6. "Is This Home?"
7. "Stride"
8. "More Than This"
9. "Nothing To Hide"
10. "Rise"
11. "Kings"

The Laughter And The Noise (EP)
1. "Believe"
2. "Anything But Beautiful"
3. "Girlfriend"
4. "New Black Car"
5. "Bed Of Ashes"
6. "Soldiers"
7. "Washed Away"

Normal Life (Single)
1. "Normal Life"

1. "Intro"
2. "Believe"
3. "Normal Life"
4. "Girlfriend"
5. "Bed Of Ashes"
6. "Champagne"
7. "New Black Car"
8. "Start Again"
9. "Without Wings"
10. "Meteor Flower"
11. "And Gomorra"
12. "Anything But Beautiful"
13. "Washed Away"

1. "Invincible"
2. "Blue Eyes"
3. "Float Away"
4. "One By One"
5. "Like That"
6. "The Distance"
7. "Just Right"

1. "Houses Made Of Stained Glass"
2. "Say It Now"
3. "Fighting Fire"
4. "Six Hour Drive"
5. "Emma"
6. "Roses"
7. "100 Pianos"
8. "Falling (How Do I?)"
9. "Like A City"
10. "Sam"
11. "Blue"


Joe Hedges, lead vocalist of July For Kings, also recorded several albums as a solo project. You can listen to them here: http://music.joehedges.com

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