Pop Rock Dance Bands
We have built a legacy on discovering and nurturing young pop rock bands to become headliners on a regional, national and international level. You will find that each one of our bands have their own personality and niche that sets them aside from the pack. Our bands pride themselves on their musicianship, on and off stage personality, professionalism, and interacting with fans on social media. Please click on "view profile" for more info, mp3s, videos and more.

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Burn The Jukebox
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Renowned for their ambitious endeavor of releasing a cover song daily for an entire year, Wilkes-Barre, PA based BURN THE JUKEBOX has amassed over 500 MILLION views across social media platforms. This impressive feat has not only showcased their versatility and dedication but also earned them a staggering following of 1.7 MILLION, marking them as true social media stars. 2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for BURN THE JUKEBOX, with an extensive East Coast and West Coast tour confirmed for the summer. Their unique sound and magnetic stage presence have drawn accolades from various corners of the music industry. Broadway World highlighted their evolution, while Buzz Slayers praised their latest single for its vibrant and edgy charm. BURN THE JUKEBOX is set to perform at significant events such as the Osceola County Fair in Kissimmee, FL, and open for "Philadelphia Freedom: A Tribute to Elton John" at the Kirby Center in Philadelphia. BURN THE JUKEBOX is more than just a band; they are a cultural phenomenon. By intertwining their extraordinary social media presence with their innovative musical approach, they have created a unique and immersive experience of highly popular original songs and new era of pop rock dance hits for their audience. Each performance is not just a display of musical talent but a celebration of the new era in pop-rock, resonating deeply with fans across the globe.
Cellar Sessions
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Down to earth and yet excitingly entertaining, Cellar Sessions are  one of Pennsylvania’s premier bands working the Mid Atlantic club circuit with their charismatic and adaptable approach to party rock music appealing to everyone.    This is a band that can make a wide range of contemporary pop hits and all time classic songs sound all their own by gifted guitar playing, a tight rhythm section and effortless vocal harmonies. With their playful rowdiness, Cellar Sessions can bring the house down with Millennial anthems by Imagine Dragons or deliver a Taylor Swift smash hit with a nod and a wink.    With spontaneous flair and high energy interactive stage presence, Cellar Sessions make friends and fans every time out. Cellar Sessions are perfect for a wide range of entertainment at casinos, nightclubs or private events. Cellar Sessions Duo/Trio also available for select weekdays
Emily's Toybox
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There is simply no comparison to Emily's Toybox. Combine an irreverent, off the wall personality (frontman extraordinaire, Mike Wise) with one part maniacal guitarist (Brandon Reece) and two parts dream rhythm section (Milhouse and Muff) and you get Emily's Toybox, one of most well known, engaging and FUN bands on the East Coast circuit. There's musicianship and experience and then there's OWNING the stage and holding a crowd in the palm of your hand. That's an Emily Toybox show. It is full of exciting twists and turns as this accomplished band can belt out a classic rock anthems, mix it up with undeniable contemporary dance hits and surprise you with funky, funny pop songs from out of left field. Legendary frontman Mike Wise makes it all work, connecting with audiences with his comedic asides and unforgettable mad capped antics.  "We're different," says Wise. "Many bands have said, 'Well, my band's different.' We're one of the few bands who really ARE different." "The four of us are naturally goofballs, but we honestly respect one another as musicians and people. We also don't 'try' to do or be anything other than ourselves. Our personality comes out onstage and in our songs." Mike is available as an acoustic solo/duo/trio as well as an MC for his Rock Band Live Karaoke, which Mike has a long successful history doing as both residencies and one-off events. 
Fuzzy Bunny Slippers
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One of the Mid Atlantic states most popular bands of all time, Fuzzy Bunny Slippers, was formed by Mike Burke with fellow Wildwood, NJ lifeguards. With their passion for music, talent and their good time nature, the band worked their way to the top of the circuit with a very loyal fan base. Mike reformed the band and hit the road again headlining top clubs, casinos & festivals. Fuzzy Bunny Slippers is proud to welcome back lead vocalist, Zack Parker, and the addition of Dustin Sands on guitar & vocals. They continue to recreate their trademark vocals performing the dance oriented anthems from the 90s to today that keep the party going and the dance floor jammed. Loyal fans continue to relive the great memories they’ve had in the past as well as frequenting reunion shows at their favorite clubs & casinos. With over 4000 performances in their career, Fuzzy Bunny Slippers continues to have the same goal of entertaining audiences everywhere with their engaging performance, versatile set list and exciting show.
Gypsy Wisdom
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Gypsy Wisdom is a five piece band based out of the Philadelphia area featuring Courtney Jansen, one of the most exciting and engaging lead vocalists in the region. Performing with a perfect combo of excitement, energy and professionalism, this band effortlessly mixes up Top 40 pop, rock, R&B, alternative hits and dance classics into an unforgettable night of soulful fun. From pleasing crowds with their undeniable infectious chemistry from the NJ Shore points to Key West, Gypsy Wisdom has accumulated over 7800 social media followers. In addition to the East Coast club circuit, Gypsy Wisdom is a sure shot for any corporate or private event such as weddings where the band has been recognized by The Knot's "Best of Weddings" 2022 and 2021. When not packing dance floors from start to finish, this adaptable crew is available for acoustic duos and trios.
Jason Dumm Band
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Jason Dumm is an incomparable dynamic front man blessed with a striking voice and an extraordinary talent of connecting with audiences. With a repertoire that knows no bounds, Jason Dumm Band continues to impress buyers with rock, pop and dance party classics that instantly move the crowd!   Up and down the East Coast, Jason's known for his hilarious, irreverent charisma and smokey voice. His good humored and energetic band follow suit as these hard working boys hailing from Central Pennsylvania have clicked with audiences in over 18 states. Over 9,000 active social media followers attest to the sincerity of their act. Whether tearing down the house live or goofing off in viral videos, these guys prove you can never be too Dumm for your own good.
Kevin Miller's Classic Kings
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Kevin Miller is best known as the multiplatinum band drummer in FUEL who played on the #1 hits "Shimmer" and "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)". Kevin, also a longtime band leader of multiple highly successful acts that toured the East Coast has created his latest side project, KEVIN MILLER'S CLASSIC KINGS. Joining Kevin is fellow FUEL member, guitiarist and vocalist Mark Klotz, along with bassist & lead vocalist, Erik Leonhardt, formally of TANTRIC. In addition, the band features female violinist extrodinaire, Tink Thompson.

Kevin Miller's Classic Kings focuses on a repertoire of Miller's favorite pop/rock hits from over 4 decades. His 6 member powerhouse band replicates the authentic arrangements of these anthems that music fans are familiar with, have danced to and who have sang along with the chorus of these smash hits.

All together, the Classic Kings offer an unforgettable, high energy program that all ages will enjoy. Kevin Miller's Classic Kings are sure to be a strong musical force to be reckoned with.
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There's no time like the past when you are talking about 1980s pop rock party music. And there is no other band on the circuit who does it better than M80. For over a decade, M80 has performed thousands of shows in over a dozen states. Awarded 8 times best cover band in PA magazine's Weekender Readers' Choice Awards, this band wows a wide variety of audiences everywhere. With dynamic male and female lead vocals, shredding guitars and totally awesome synth sounds, M80 specializes in nonstop medleys of 80s anthems audiences eat up like Pac Man, dancing and singing along. Yes, M80 are a perfect fit for Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. Did you know the annual Billboard / MRC 2021 report indicates “retro” music accounts for 70% of U.S. music tastes? Audiences seem “to be embracing the hits of decades past”. It’s official, Gen Z and all ages love an M80 party! Whether you are club, college, casino, festival, fair or private event, M80 is truly taking you back to the future!.
New Normal
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It's hard work having this much fun! Fronted by captivating leads Jamie Leiter Cannon and Matt Cannon, this group commands the stage, grabs your attention, and won't let go. An extraordinarily bright star, Jamie is a classically trained vocalist who holds crowds in the palm of her hand in the spotlight fronting this phenomenally talented band. Setting New Normal apart is their humor and hijinks, an uncommon chemistry with one another that Jamie and company instantly share with the crowd. Party goers on a New Normal night become instant friends, singing and dancing along with the band with an undeniable affection for the way the band gives it their all every time out. An impressive set list skillfully gives electrifying new twists to classics while dropping contemporary pop hits with verve. What New Normal is able to say to any crowd in any room of any age and any background is: "We got you." A deep repertoire of pop music ranging from the 90s to the 2020s ensures New Normal transforms an audience's average night out into the soundtrack to the best night of their lives. Hot off tearing the roof off of Wind Creek's Molten Lounge, this sizzle reel says it all. New Normal is set this spring for a breakout residency at Sloppy Joe's in Key West, FL, the band debut at Seacrets (OCMD), and is now booking the Mid Atlantic circuit for Summer '24 to 2025.
South Penn Dixie
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The changing landscape of pop music in the 2020s has even made room for country on the dance floor. And there's no better band at playing modern country music with a rock edge than fresh new blood, South Penn Dixie.     Led by the charismatic Ricky BellSouth Penn Dixie are a group of seasoned players with a passion for that great, feel-good country music enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.  A big hit already for summer music series, street fairs & festivals and equally popular in night clubs, casinos & private events.  Digging into their deep bag of latest country music hits and mixing in some timeless rock n' roll classics, South Penn Dixie has the party people dancing and singing as they play with the authority and authenticity of the biggest names in the country music business. 
Steal The Sky
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There's no slowing the trajectory of Steal the Sky as they headline well known stages up and down the Mid-Atlantic circuit. With a flip of her hair and a mic check, extraordinary lead vocalist, Alyssa Lewis, has the rare combination of edgy, endless energy and powerhouse vocals. Along with fellow professional musicians Stephen McKnight on guitar and vocals, Randy Elmy on drums and percussion, Alyssa is also accompanied by new bassist, Matt Feron, who can also front with select pop/rap jams. With the band consisting of three lead vocalists, Steal the Sky's strategic repertoire is limitless and leaves the audience no choice but to sing and dance along! Known for innovative medleys created with anthems and bombshell mashups of smash hits, Steal the Sky produces a magnetic stage presence characterized by dynamic interaction with audiences and entertaining performances. Already known to tear up the top venues in PA, NJ, DE, MD and premier clubs & casinos, fairs, festivals and colleges, Steal the Sky can reach over an unbelievable 17,000 followers on social media. Steal the Sky is a perfect choice for customizable private events, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, as well as corporate and municipal events. With versatile, headlining talent, Steal the Sky is sure to provide an unforgettable music experience.
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Stonewood is a guitar driven, hard rockin' pop country dance band that's all about that bass. Led by the inviting presence of Shannon Jackson, this multi talented 5 piece band gets the party going with driving rhythms and axe shredding solos from a song list of a wide variety pop hits of all different genres. No surprise Stonewood was nominated "Best Cover Band" in 2021 by Central Pennsylvania Music Awards considering their range. Not many bands on circuit can seduce you with "Purple Rain" with a twang, drop the hammer with Guns n' Roses and get the crowd so happy with Miranda Lambert that they don't wanna go home. With almost 2,750 social media followers, Stonewood is making a name for themselves everywhere on the East Coast, with appearances at Pocono International Raceway, Molten Lounge Wind Creek Casino, Hollywood Casinos in Grantville & Morgantown, Renault Winery, Joe Pop's LBI, and more. Stonewood is perfect for any occasion: clubs, casinos, festivals, fairs, and private events
The Whiskeyhickon Boys
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THEY'RE BAAAACK! Philadelphia legends, THE WHISKEYHICKON BOYS, are back and sound better than ever with their new funky & unique repertoire! Led by frontman extraordinaire, Denny, on lead vocals, ukulele & kazoo and partner-in-crime Noah Hudson on double bass & background vocals. Both Denny and Noah both play stomp box foot percussion....... This band brings their own unique style and panache to the funk and R&B scene using a combined 8 strings, a couple of pieces of wood and a kazoo.......They are able to provide the perfect amount of music for your ear holes....... Magic Beans Magazine called them "audible" & your mom thinks they are "nice boys"....... Asa Jones (author) declares "if you hate music, you will loathe this band"...... Don't miss your chance to see this one of a kind funk band, or you will regret it for the rest of your days on this earth....... WARNING : Listening to The Whiskeyhickon Boys Music may cause uncontrollable hip thrusts, dirty thoughts, temporary shame blindness, love of all things, the ability to see through walls, sexual urges, the munchies, infinite wisdom, spontaneous pregnancy, spontaneous combustion, spontaneous spontaneity, freedom, goosebumps, mild death, re-birth, the robot, delusions of grandeur, cream in your jeans, moves like Jagger, vision of Johanna, and super strength.......In some cases, listeners have been known to have their socks rocked off.
Turning The Tide
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Turning the Tide is fronted by John Corsale and Juules Wardel with drummer Chad Szeglia and bassist/vocalist Garret Watts formally of regional band, Lima Bean Riot. All they do is win audiences over from Key West FL's Sloppy Joe's to the Wobbly Barn in Killington, VT, connecting to crowds with the sly sex appeal of their two energetic lead singers. Keeping the dance floor moving with a wide ranging repertoire of party smash hits, Turning the Tide are a fun and exciting young band with a veteran presence. John and Juules are also available as a knockout duo, bringing their star power into any intimate setting and making it a night to remember.
Until Sunrise
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Until Sunrise is an absolute smashing, high energy pop party rock band for this new decade. Playing a wide range of undeniable hits of the 80s and 90s to contemporary pop instant classics, Until Sunrise gets party people moving on a whole other level. Boasting four lead singers, these fresh faces hit the stage with veteran chops and experience. Members of this band have all extensively played nightclubs and casinos on the East Coast circuit and beyond. In short order, this Millenial band has acquired over 4,000 followers online and earned a reputation for bringing an absolutely rocking, interactive and visually engaging stage show to every venue they play.