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We are proud to represent a limited diverse roster of attractions that have made their indelible mark in Pop Culture around the globe. These artists are available for concerts, private and corporate events, whether it be for promoters, colleges or private individuals. The years of experience with our sister company Extension of Man Concerts promoting hundreds of shows including Billy Joel & Aerosmith is unparalleled. Our management achievements include developing two artists to become multiplatinum headliners. Those experiences have made us experts in understanding and representing world class performers. Let our experience help you create a very special night with one of our attractions.
Billy Joel Tribute:We May Be Right
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We May Be Right featuring Karl Dietel as Billy Joel is an authentic tribute to one of the world's most popular trubadours. A huge fan of Joel's song writing, singing, piano playing, Karl's credits includes several decades of International touring where he lended his artistry on keyboards and vocals including several tours with cult status band The Samples. Expect all of the greatest hits of Billy Joel ,surprise deep cuts, and salutes to some of Billy favorite artists' songs. All together this equals a highly engaging authentic powerhouse show performed by fresh new faces who capture the spirit and integrity of one of the world's most popular contemporary artists. This is a good time fun night for all.
Igor and the Red Elvises
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Igor Yuzov was born in Germany, raised in Ukraine and studied in Russia. He grew up in the former Soviet Union, where folk music was the norm and rock'n'roll was illegal. A rebellious streak, however, led him to seek out the forbidden music. As soon as it became possible, Igor left Russia for America with his "Folk'n'Roll" band Limpopo and was personally greeted by Ronald Reagan. Evolving over the years, Igor's music has been labeled "Siberian Surf Rock' which contains humorous lyrics and grooves that forces his audience to dance. Over the past 20 years, Red Elvises have constantly toured all over the world with occasional breaks to record new music and to participate in film and television projects.
Johnny O and the Classic Dogs of Love
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Philadelphia native Johnny O is a legend built on two decades of thousands of stellar performances with his Unique Retro Dance Part Horn Band, The Classic Dogs of Love. Audiences far and wide followed this band and helped build their reputation as the #1 band of this type to break out of from Philiadelphia. Johnny O cut his teeth with stints with some of America's most popular bands including, the original Village People, a gold record member of Bunny Sigler's Instant Funk, and then with the Ritchie Family. In 2018 Johnny reunited the band and The Hard Rock Casino selected his 10 piece band for a debut residency that has become a major drawing attraction in Atlantic City. Johnny is back and has never lost track of what's important; that is, "the music must be recreated flawlessly, and the party must be a party!
Kevin Miller's Smashed
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Kevin Miller renowned multiplatinum drummer formerly of Fuel welcomes co-lead vocalist Kelly Caruso to his all star lineup six member band! Greg Reigle continues to co-front the band along with Kevin Miller. Kelly is known for her exposure on American Idol Seasons 6 & 9, winning MTV's Say What Karaoke 2.0, and currently is featured on Netflix's Brain Child. She was a founding member and lead vocalist of Garden State Radio for 6 years. Smashed performs choice Contemporary Hits of Today mixed in with the Greatest Good Time Party Dance Hits of the last 3 decades and is driven by Miller's percussive backbone that drove Fuel. Their song, "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" was just named the #8 most played Alternative Rock Song of All Time by Billboard Magazine!
Lisa Simone
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She is her own woman, a singer, songwriter and performer whose ability to transcend genres echoes the tradition of her mother, musical icon and pioneer Nina Simone. Blessed with a rich vocal range, an innate skill for lyrical interpretation and a soul-deep understanding of music as a means of healing, empowerment and celebration, Lisa Simone is very much her mother's daughter while assuredly a multi-talented artist in her own right.