Pop Rock Dance Bands
We have built a legacy on discovering and nurturing young pop rock bands to become headliners on a regional, national and international level. You will find that each one of our bands have their own personality and niche that sets them aside from the pack. Our bands pride themselves on their musicianship, on and off stage personality, professionalism, and interacting with fans on social media. Please click on "view profile" for more info, mp3s, videos and more.

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Emily's Toybox
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A loyal fanbase of over 11,500 FB likes continues to drive this unique band behind the legendary party master Mike Wise! A reinvented lineup and an updated repertoire of pop hits, modern country, novelty songs/dances and greatest rock party classics keep this band among the best!
Flowers For Taco
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Founded in 2015, Flowers for Taco is focused on growing the band musically with a diverse repertoire of danceable party tunes of all genres. Performing their renditions of the hottest Dance, Pop and Rock spiked with nonstop sets with a hint of reggae, retro rock anthems & unique mashups and medleys it's a fun night full of musical surprises! This Summer the band added well known drummer Dan Andree and are currently debuting Brandon, a charismatic co-lead vocalist, multi instrumentalist & a new face to the scene. With 250+ gigs in 62 venues played, they continue to be a perennial favorite and are growing their appeal onstage & online with 5150+ social media followers!
Gypsy Wisdom
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Courtney Jansen is one of the most exciting and engaging lead vocalists in the region. This highly popular Pennsylvania band built on a loyal and ever growing fanbase from the connections they have made with their audiences and online with their 7100 social media followers. This makes them a highly sought after headliner. Their repetoire is focused on current Top 40 hits and recurrent pop-rock and dance.
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Brett Andrew, a soulful lead vocalist and guitarist, has returned to Pennsylvania where it all began after touring the World for 5 years with the Robert Randolph Family Band. His band serves up a cocktail of over 120 covers with a base of Soul, a splash of Funk, blended with some gritty picking Rock 'n' Roll. He brings all his experience leading this band of exceptional musicians to all types of regional stages.
Kevin Miller's Smashed
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Kevin Miller, world renowned drummer for the multi platinum band Fuel, which yielded the #1 songs "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" & "Shimmer" has launched a salute to the Greatest Rock bands of all time influenced him with an all star lineup of national musicians. Miller's percussive backbone drove Fuel live and to earn a spot among Billboard's Top Alternative Rock Songs of all time at #6. With 5 lead vocalists, guitar gods, their exhilarating live show with all the hits of Fuel and 107 of the greatest hits of all time all focused in a dance oriented rock party presentation.
Light Up the Moon
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This Pennsylvania Pop, Rock, Dance Party Band of fresh New Blood is a welcomed addition to the programming of venues of all types! Their signature 3 lead vocalists/personalities Frontman/Guitarist Joe Acor, Bassist Stephen Barna and Guitarist Dave Danishefsky deliver engaging performances with great vocal harmonies that create a lot of audience appeal. Light Up the Moon brings a nice mix of New School and Old School sound performed by experienced members and new blood alike. Their repertoire of some of the Greatest Rock/Pop/Dance Hits of today and the last 3 decades provides a great fun party vibe!
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Longtime frontman Bryan Harmony leads this very popular 80s Dance Party marquee band. Reimagined with the addition of cofront Leighann Burke, M80 for over a decade has performed thousands of memorable shows in 11 states and have earned over 9300 social media followers! This celebrated band has won 13 prestigious awards in music polls. Now reenergized with the addition of fresh new medleys of the Greatest Hits of the 80s!
My Hero Zero
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My Hero Zero, Penn State's all time favorite band with students & alumni, is back on campus with two new residencies after a hugely successful Summer at Top Shore Venues in Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey! In State College through over 800 campus residency shows and THON performances. My Hero Zero has played in front of over 415,000 people! Coupled with a very active social network presence with over 16,600 social media followers they are a very popular band that has a loyal following with millennials in 7 seven states!
Nowhere Slow
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This very popular Pennsylvania award winning band has been together for over 5 years playing top venues in 8 states! This band connects and continues to grow fans everywhere with over 4100 social media followers. A favorite at premier clubs, resort destinations, casinos and festivals.
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Pennsylvania's Shake3X tops themselves with an expanded and revamped lineup with the addition of one of Philly's most charismatic and engaging front men John Fisher and guitar virtuoso/lead vocalist Derek Gertz. Known for their signature nonstop sets of 13 imaginative medleys & mashups, Shake3X's popularity and musicality continues to grow.
Steal The Sky
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Riveting lead vocalist Allysa Lee is turning heads everywhere as she mesmerizes audiences with her unparalled musical persona. Combined with the soulful rock voice of leader Stephen McKnight, vocalist and bass player Eliot Reisz and a fresh new song list of Top 40 dance, medleys and choice greatest hits of Rock... Steal the Sky is one of the most respected and popular bands in the Mid-Atlantic states.
The Jason Dumm Band
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Jason Dumm is an extraordinary frontman and well known trailblazer of Eastern Seaboard venues. Over 3750 active social media followers attest to their popularity and live audiences. Performing the greatest Pop/Rock hits of all time and the best hits of today this band connects in a big way with all audiences.
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Dual front personalities Chrissy and JJ, formerly of the Wild Ones, along with Nick formerly of Garden State Radio are rapidly building succces with their new moniker XOX. This impressive 5 person lineup are bringing to the stage all the personality and experience. They are reinventing themselves in 2017 as a hip Dance/Rock band with a unique light presentation that compliments their strong, engaging stage presense and musicality.