Video Directors Wanted

When an artist we represent is in need of musicians/vocalists, producers, mixers, engineers, video directors or touring crew, Media Five is able meet such a demand by networking with clients, affiliates, and other interested parties. We maintain on file names and contacts of individuals and companies with such skills so that when such a need occurs, we can refer these listings to our clients.

Recording and Videography:

Producers, Mixers, Engineers, Video Directors, Studios, Vocal and Performance Coaches


Tour Manager, Production Manager, Personal Assistant, FOH Engineer, Lighting Director
Backline Technicians, Monitor Engineer, Merchandise Sales

Show Production:

Sound Companies, Lighting Companies

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Interested in Video Directing one of our Artists?

Please direct all resumes, website links, mp3s, Quicktime videos and any questions to .

We will contact you only if your services are in serious consideration.