Interns Wanted
For over 40 years, Media Five Entertainment has been an artist management/booking organization, located in Bethlehem, PA. As a company, our responsibilities include all aspects of management and booking, from talent acquisition to booking; from record deals to publishing and promotion. We are involved in all areas of the music business.

Due to Covid-19 we are temporarily suspending our internship program, please check back for any updates as this may change in the weeks to come.

As an intern at Media Five, one has the perfect environment in which to learn and experience the business of music.

Our intern's responsibilities will include projects involving artists' websites, social media and online marketing, band publicity, street team coordination and research of various types. Macintosh literacy would be very helpful.

We would like to interview any straightforward, dependable, and hardworking students from your institution that are interested in the music industry and have a drive to succeed in the tasks they are given. This is a non-paying position and we cannot promise anything more than an exciting opportunity to learn. Obviously, the kind of person we are looking for will know where to take it from there.