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Igor Yuzov was born in Germany, raised in Ukraine and studied in Russia. He grew up in the former Soviet Union, where folk music was the norm and rock'n'roll was illegal. A rebellious streak, however, led him to seek out the forbidden music. As soon as it became possible, Igor left Russia for America with his "Folk'n'Roll" band Limpopo and was personally greeted by Ronald Reagan. Evolving over the years, Igor's music has been labeled "Siberian Surf Rock' which contains humorous lyrics and grooves that forces his audience to dance. Over the past 20 years, Red Elvises have constantly toured all over the world with occasional breaks to record new music and to participate in film and television projects.

Additional Info:

Igor Yuzov- Guitar, Lead Vocals, Accordion
Sarah Johnson- Tenor saxophone, Vocals, Flute, Keys
Dejah Sandoval- Bass and Vocals
Jasmin Guevara- Drums
Tim Hayn- Trumpet, Guitar, Vocals

As an independent band, Red Elvises have produced 12 studio albums, two live albums, a live concert DVD, and a Greatest Hits compilation. Some of their most notable film contributions include music and or performances in ?Six String Samurai?, ?Mail Order Bride?, ?Armageddon?, ?Skippy?, ?Melrose Place?, ?Fastlane", ?Penn and Teller's Sin City Extravaganza?, ?VH-1 Behind the Music?, and ?MTV?. Red Elvises have performed for large festivals, private parties, and played on massive stages such as 2005's Live 8 Benefit Concert. No matter where they perform, Igor & Red Elvises always bring the party with them.