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In celebration of nearly 50 Years as a premier entertainment organization, Media Five Entertainment has created an online archive of Pennsylvania's most popular and influential bands. This site recognizes and salutes over Five Decades of dynamic bands that emerged to make their indelible marks on Pop Culture in the state and beyond. Together these Rock, Pop and R&B bands' collective performances, recordings and songs have helped earn Pennsylvania a reputation as one of America's hotbeds of great musical artists.

Many bands were regional stars and some achieved national and international fame. In the MEDIA FIVE BAND ARCHIVE, browse detailed band profiles, photo galleries, Time Capsules of promotional materials, and streaming music and video. This unique interactive website encourages fans and band members to use the comment forums to share memories and experiences.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Media Five Archive Highlights Reel on our Youtube Channel. This video highlights 45 of our most successful artists that we have had the pleasure of working with. The video's purpose is to bring more awareness to the archive bands and fans. With their input, the bands' pages will continue to grow.

We have launched all Five Decades in four areas: Booking, Management, and in some decades Concert Production and National Acts. We have also created the chapter Influential Regional Bands of the 50's and 60's to honor the strong musical foundation of bands that influenced and inspired subsequent generations of bands.

All totaled, the MEDIA FIVE BAND ARCHIVE lists almost 500 Band Pages which translates to a history of well over 4500 musicians who we are proud to have been associated with.

Bands who we have worked with (and 50's and 60's bands listed) should contact us at to provide their band page’s in-depth content.

Our vision is to grow this unique site into the definitive archive for 1950s - 2010s bands that were based in Eastern Pennsylvania. We look forward to once again working with the Media Five family of bands to help build their band page as a testament to the legacy they created through their hard work, creativity and performances.

We hope you enjoy this as much we have enjoyed putting it together.

David Sestak
Founder and President