In the process of band booking came a realization: artists need guidance to develop a higher degree of professionalism and reach maximum potential. Artist management became a process of advising bands with potential star power in areas including repertoire, stage presentation, imaging, recording, promotion and music as a business.

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Propelled from the industrial Northeast to the tropical climate of South Florida, FURY is a highenergy version of the working-class ethnic prevelant in the blue collar areas of Pennsylvania and New York. FURY's current success can be attributed to a steady maintenance of their musical and visual energy levels; As a result, FURY is the most exciting and sought after act in South Florida today.
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Magnum is a rock band based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Their career spans about four decades and they performed over 3500 shows on the East Coast in premier venues of all levels. From night clubs to festivals and concert venues. Magnum was trailblazers who were one of the first American bands benefiting from corporate sponsorship in Miller's Rock Band Network. An early DIY band from the get go, releasing singles, EPs and albums that were favorably reviewed by Billboard Magazine and achieving East Coast air play and live performances on cable network shows. Their popularity earned them direct support slots for artists such as Hall & Oates, The Ramones, Survivor... including Spring Break events in Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Summer residencies at the Jersey Shore. The band amassed a huge loyal following and were honored by being #1 on several radio station rock polls who also endorsed the band's recordings. The band still performs occasionally for reunions and in 2018 they celebrated their 40th anniversary.
Public Affection
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This modest alternative rock band hailing from York, PA consisted of four childhood friends that formed a talented high school band with a passion for music and honest, heartfelt expression. In a few short years, Public Affection found success and signed to MCA/Radioactive. The band changed its name to Live, going on to achieve international stardom. The story of Public Affection is the prelude of a young band on their way to multi-platinum success.
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