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Propelled from the industrial Northeast to the tropical climate of South Florida, FURY is a highenergy version of the working-class ethnic prevelant in the blue collar areas of Pennsylvania and New York. FURY's current success can be attributed to a steady maintenance of their musical and visual energy levels; As a result, FURY is the most exciting and sought after act in South Florida today.

Founding Members:

Tommy Theodore

Ted Satherswathe

Greg Westmoreland
Keyboards and Lead Vocals - Dallas, Texas

Greg was somewhat of a musical prodigy in his youth excelling in all phases of music
and dance. The recipient of various honorariums and scholarships, he set out for New York City and "the bigtime" at the age of 20. There he joined a national road show, impersonating well-known recording artists while developing his own entertaining style and delivery. Greg performed radio commercials while in New York, gaining valuable studio experience in the bargain. In addition to sharing frontman duties with Ken, Greg adds density to FURY's mix with his keyboards. Greg also paces the visual image of FURY onstage with his possessed, trance-like performances, using his voice, instrumental, and danceability to sell each song in the repertoire. Greg is one of FURY's primary songwriters as well, and his voice is featured on the three tunes, that were recorded during the Quadradial Session.

Greg Westmoreland: "I feel that our attitude towards our performance sets us apart from
other acts. We have a high-spirited energy on stage without being overbearing, and as a result, we appeal to an up-tempo, highfashioned, dance-oriented crowd. With our originals,
we are looking to make a few commercial yet artistic points that will lend credence to our music. We are confident that brand of intricate pop will strike a resident cord in today's marketplace."

Steve Weiss
Lead Guitar and Vocals - New York, NY

Steve earned his B.A. in music from New York University; it was also during this time
that he studied with noted jazz guitarist, Hy White. Steve's first successful venture was Trust,
a popular disco-funk band that enjoyed a large following in the tri-state area. Trust eventually evolved into MAGNUM, a rocking showband that is still a hot attraction on the East Coast. Steve co-wrote MAGNUM's single, "Rock & Roll Man", which received extensive airplay in
the Northeast.

Steve supplies leadership to FURY in both business matters and onstage, where his guitar work is described as the spark which lights the fire in the FURY show. His electronic knowledge and technical ability are especially valuable to the band in the studio. Steve also coordinates all pre-production work on their originals.

Steve Weiss: "Dedication and desire have kept us playing six nights a week for the past
three years. We feel we have a distinctive show and the nightly response we receive confirm our suspicions. The trick is to get our distinctiveness on vinyl. We just have to continue writing and things should fall into place. Since we opened for quite a few national acts, we know that the talent in this band is equal to or greater than average recording bands. It is just a matter of plugging away and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes along."

Tim Lewis
Bass and Lead Vocals - Bangor, PA

Tim's first performing experience was at 15 and by his eighteenth birthday, he found himself in Tyrynt, a young cover band with a cult following in Jersey. Tyrynt released several selfproduced singles during Tim's tenure which provided him with a working knowledge of the recording studio. On stage, Tim never stops moving and his forceful bass lines underlie Ken's strong percussion. This showman contributes to FURY's songwriting and, with his studio experience, gives FURY four veteran studio musicians who know what they want from each session.

Tim Lewis: "Most bands are looking to find a competent frontman: we have two! And our rhythm section boasts two drummers: one human and one computerized. We really are different from your average aspiring recording act and this is what caught the attention of producers and record companies. It's now up to us to deliver with the right tunes to sustain this interest."

Kenny Wendland
Percussion and Lead Vocals, Easton, PA

Ken is a native Pennsylvanian who is a 10 year veteran of the rock club scene, both as a
drummer and as a lead vocalist. Before joining FURY, Ken was a member ofthe five-piece act, Bullet, that enjoyed a great deal of popularity on the Pennsy-Jersey circuit. Two of Bullet's originals were on a popular Pennsylvania FM radio station's compilation album. Ken's drumming and songwriting were honed to a fine edge in Bullet.

Ken's vital rhythm tracks are the backbone of FURY's frenetic musical energy. He is as
comfortable in front of the band as he is behind the drums. Ken and Greg share the frontman duties in FURY. Ken takes an active role in the studio, writing lyrics for and arranging FURY's originals. He is also responsible for the band's visual appeal by influencing and helping to create FURY's distinctive onstage wardrobe, a band trademark.

Ken Wendland: "What sets us apart from other bands is our professionalism and dynamics. You cannot expect to have success if you are not wellorganized, or if your sound is one dimensional. Cooperation is central to organization, and we find it easy to cooperate with one another, because we are friends as well as associates. We work together daily to achieve one goal in a record contract for FURY. I believe that we have the will power needed to succeed.

Subsequent Members:

Ed Waldick - Road Manager & Visual Director, Harrisburg, PA Kirk Kelsey - Sound Engineer - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Prior to his involvement with FURY, Ed was road manager and lighting director for both
EDGAR WINTER and DAN HARTMAN. He is credited with creating the distinctive lighting and visual effects for which FURY is known.

Kirk joined FURY in April 1985 after producing and sound engineering for several prominent South Florida acts. He is responsible forthe live sound mix and pre-engineers each track prior to entering the studio.

Noteable Highlights:

- The 1988 release Endangered Hearts was produced by the legendary Benjy King

Endangered Hearts
1. "Endangered Hearts"
2. "Faith and Control"
3. "Love, Love, Love"
4. "And I Live For You"
5. "Welcome to Love"
6. "(I.C.U.) Twisted Lover"
7. "Silence"
8. "Winners"
9. "Eyes Of Fire"
10. "I Need You So"

Venues Played:

October 12, 1988, Rock N Roll Cafe, Lantana FL
October 19, 1988, Sloppy Joe's, Key West FL
October 26, 1988 Metro 107, Kendall FL
November 23, 1988, Summers on the Beach, Ft. Lauderdale FL
January 15, 1989, Big Daddy's Okeechobee W. Palm Beach FL
January 27, 1989, Summers 219 Ft. Lauderdale FL
February 4-10, Crown Lounge, Kendall FL
February 19-24, Playpen South, Ft. Lauderdale FL
September 4, 1990, Jackson Mt. Cafe, Cape May NJ
September 6, 1990, Tap Works, Dover De
September 7, 1990, The Playpen, Wildwood NJ
September 8, 1990, The Playpen, Wildwood NJ
September 9, 1990, The Playpen, Wildwood NJ
September 11, 1990, Jackson Mt. Cafe, Cape May NJ
September 14, 1990, NE Sheraton, Philadelphia PA
September 15, 1990, The Silo, Reading PA
September 16, 1990, The SIlo, Reading PA
September 18, 1990, Jackson Mt. Cafe, Cape May NJ
September 20, 1990, The Silo, Reading PA
September 21, 1990, DJ Bananas, Allentown PA
September 22, 1990, DJ Bananas, Allentown PA
September 23, 1990, DJ Bananas, Allentown PA
September 24, 1990, Cracker Barrel, Catawissa PA
September 25, 1990, Jackson Mt. Cafe, Cape May NJ
September 28, 1990, Lasalle University, Philadelphia PA
September 29, 1990, Canton Inn, Seaford DE
September 30, 1990, Canton Inn, Seaford DE
October 24-29, 31- November 5, Sloppy Joe's, Key West FL
November 7-12, 14-19, Metro 107, Miami FL
Castle Inn, NJ

Additional Info:

FURY is Steve Weiss - lead guitar, Ken Wendland - percussion, Greg Westmoreland - keyboards, and Tim Lewis - bass. Each band sings lead as well, spotlighting four distinctive, yet harmonious vocal styles. And each has had recording experience. FURY's members are as comfortable in the studio as they are on stage.

Steve, Ken, and Tim formed FURYin February 1983, in time for an April Fool's Day debut that same year. Each had performed in various successful Pennsylvania and New Jersey club acts prior to their coming together in FURY. They quickly established themselves in that circuit with a distinctive mix of danceable rock and slick visuals. With the addition of Greg in December of 1983, FURY's line up was complete. FURY was now poised on the threshold of success, waiting only for that one big break.

That big break came four months later when FURY was booked into Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Spring Break, that time of year when the area becomes the mecca for party-bound college students from allover the U.S. FURY took this crowd by storm, appearing before packed houses nightly. It was here that FURY laid the foundation for their soon-to-be-achieved success through simple hard work.

Their resort-town popularity made FURY a natural for another famous beach that summer. The Penalty Box, Wildwood, NJ's largest venue, selected FURY to headline the 1984 season. In a short time, FURY became the talk of the famous Pacific Avenue strip with their eyepopping visuals and musical energy. It was here that FURY first caught wind of the national music scene, opening for such recording acts as the Outlaws and Greg Allman.

In an effort to reach their recording aspirations, FURY decided to make South Florida their base in September 1984. Thanks to their popularity there they could perform six nights a week to pay the bills while still keeping the days open for work on their originals. It was at this time that FURY was introduced to veteran Philly producer Gary A. King who liked what he heard and began to work with the band on their originals.

King, noted for his work with such new artists as the Hooters and Brickland, was behind the board during FURY's sessions in Miami Quadradial Sound Studios in July, 1985. Quadradial is home for such artists as Ted Nugent, Pat Travers, and Rick Springfield. In response to record company interest, FURY recorded their three strongest tunes for their debut, "Don't Say," "Waiting for Love," and "The Night." All through their recording effort, FURY remained as hot as ever on stage, packing them in all over the Sunshine State. The first anniversary of their move to Florida was marked by a giant show co-produced by one of South Florida's most famous venues, Summers on the Beach, and radio station WSHE-FM, Fort Lauderdale. FURY debuted their original material to strong critical and popular reviews. Also during this time, FURY was chosen to open for such recording acts as: Lone Justice, John Parr, Jason and the Scorchers, and the Robin Trower Busboys.

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