With the experience of band booking came a realization: artists need guidance to develop a higher degree of professionalism and reach maximum potential. Artist management became a process of advising bands with potential star power in areas including repertoire, stage presentation, imaging, recording, promotion and music as a business.

See below for in depth information on the select few artists managed by Media Five each decade.

Fuzzy Bunny
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This Allentown, PA based Soul and R&B band fronted by Mook Stanton and Emmitt Harris was one of the most popular dance bands in the region playing top night clubs, colleges and high school shows. They were championed by Philadelphia DJ Jerry Blavat who had them appear several times on his nationally syndicated TV show with guests like Sammy Davis Jr and the late Philadelphia weatherman Jim O'Brien. They recorded and released several singles including "Hey Baby," that were very popular regionally.
Jay & the Techniques
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Jay & the Techniques formed in 1965 under the Mercury Records label. In 1966, the first big break for Jay Proctor came when he won a regional "battle of the bands" contest and landed a recording contract from Philadelphia producer Jerry Ross of Mercury Records. The group jay and the techniques was born when lead vocalist Jay Proctor and vocalist/frontman George "Lucky" Lloyd teamed with an all-white band, one of the first racially integrated groups in pop music.

Under Mercury Records the song "Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin, Pie" hit big and Jay and the Techniques found the right mix of rhythm & blues and bubble gum appeal, vaulting them into the Top Ten. Later that year they had the honor of performing at the Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

in the mid-70s when disco became fashionable, Jay & the Techniques were ready with their already danceable sound. Their first hit disco song "Number Onederful" is a high energy, heavily orchestrated tune which reached the Top Ten in all the major NY discos.

During their career, Jay and the Techniques appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, Joey Bishop Show, Dick Clark's American Bandstand, The Murray the K Show and the Steel Pier Show. Jay sang in front of a packed Houston Astrodome, Madison Square Garden, Philadelphia's Uptown Theatre, in colleges and universities across the country, many charity benefits, and gave free concerts at Army bases and prisons throughout the United States.

Jet Mule
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Larry & Kathleen
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Magnum is a rock band based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Their career spans about four decades and they performed over 3500 shows on the East Coast in premier venues of all levels. From night clubs to festivals and concert venues. Magnum was trailblazers who were one of the first American bands benefiting from corporate sponsorship in Miller's Rock Band Network. An early DIY band from the get go, releasing singles, EPs and albums that were favorably reviewed by Billboard Magazine and achieving East Coast air play and live performances on cable network shows. Their popularity earned them direct support slots for artists such as Hall & Oates, The Ramones, Survivor... including Spring Break events in Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Summer residencies at the Jersey Shore. The band amassed a huge loyal following and were honored by being #1 on several radio station rock polls who also endorsed the band's recordings. The band still performs occasionally for reunions and in 2018 they celebrated their 40th anniversary.
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