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Trust  1974 - 1978   New York, NY and Allentown, PA
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Founding Members:

Lonnie Warner: Keyboards & Vocals
Steve Weiss: Guitar
Tony Bianco: Drums
Tony Salebene: Keyboards & Vocals
Tim McCullum: Bass & Vocals

Subsequent Members:

Kim Jenkins: Lead Vocals
Barry Vernarec: Bass (Replaced Tim)
Tom Bluder: Lead Vocals, Sax
Tom Davis: Lead Vocals, Trumpet
Jeff the Chef Sidler: Sax, Vocals
Fred Shrank: Bass
Tass Filipos: Drums
Anita Antolik: Lead Vocals
Dave Gatti: Bass, Vocals
Tom Pilyar: Drums

Noteable Highlights:

-Opened for the Four Tops, the Tramps, Vicki Sue Robinson

Venues Played:

The Alley, PA
Anville Inn, Anville, PA
Alamo, NJ
Aunt Kate’s, NJ
Bachelors III, NY
Bayshores, NJ
Belvidere Pool
Beefsteak Charlies, PA
Bill Daniels Rock Palace, Allentown PA
Billy G’s, NJ
Bourbon St, PA
Cabaret, PA
Casablanca I, PA
Casablanca II, PA
Casper’s, NJ
Charley O’s
Chelsea East, NJ
Clark Rest, NJ
Clubhouse, NJ
Collage, NJ
Colonel’s Garter, PA
The Colony, PA
Conn’s Garden Club, PA
Creekside Inn, PA
Danny’s Continental, NJ
Disco Hugo’s, PA
Eagle Rock
Falk’s Cocktail Lounge, NJ
Firehouse Lounge, PA
Four Winds
Frontier House, NJ
First Restoration, NJ
Gables, NJ
Gang Plank, NJ
Giulio’s North, NJ
Heister's Host
Hotel Bethlehem, Bethlehem PA
Good Time Charlies, NJ
Hound and Hare, NJ
House of Zodiac, Conn.
Huckster, NJ
Hurricane Club, MD
Illusion, PA
Inferno, PA
Jack Roberts PUB, NJ
Jail, NJ
Joey Harrison’s, NJ
Jooly III, NJ
Lighthouse, PA
M & S Lounge, NJ
Macbeth, NJ
Max’s I, PA
Max’s II, PA
Melody Lounge, NJ
Mother Hen, NJ
Mt. Airy Lounge, PA
Mt. Lake House, PA
Odysseus, PA
Off Track Lounge, NJ
Old Straw Hut, NJ
Orangeburg Pub, NY
Phase V, PA
Pushniks Lounge, PA
Pweet’s North, NJ
Rasputtins, PA
Red Baron, NJ
R.A.’s Place, PA
Rendezvous, PA
Rock Palace
Rum Point, NJ
Saylor’s Lake, PA
Shady Lane, NJ
Silo, PA
Silver Dollar
Shaker Park, Conn.
Sixfifteen Club, PA
Smiley’s, NJ
Star Café, PA
Surf Club, NJ
Tiger Tail
Way Out Inn, NJ
War Up, PA
Wooden Nickel, NY
Zaffy’s, NJ

High Schools
Bergenfield, NJ
Mt. Pocono, PA
Freedom High School, Bethlehem PA
Middlesex High School, NJ
Panther Valley, PA
Liberty High School, Bethlehem PA
North Penn, PA
Wilson, PA
Woodbridge, NJ
Easton High School, PA

East Strousburg State College
Gettysburg College, PA
Lafayette College, PA
Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA
Moravian College, Bethlehem PA
Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA
Stevens Tech, NJ
Susquehanna University, PA
Trenton State College, NJ
Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ

C.Y.C (PA)
Emmett’s (NJ)
Firth Youth Center (NJ)
Pocono Summer Music Festival (PA)

Additional Info:

By the late 70's, there had been at least three different versions of TRUST. As the members changed over the years, the band's sound adjusted to fit each different version. While still active, they opened for big acts such as Vicki Sue Robinson and the Four Tops. Although they were only active for a few years, some of the members of TRUST moved on to form bands that gained much popularity such as Magnum and Borzoi.