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Aerosmith  1970-Present   Boston, Massachusetts
October 29, 1973, Johnston Hall, Moravian College, Bethlehem PA
(Opened for Mott the Hoople)

October 6, 1974, Northampton Community College, Bethlehem PA
Today is the 46th anniversary of when boston rock band, Aerosmith performed at Northampton Community College in bethlehem, PENNSYLVANIA. The group, consisting of Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford had to fly FROM boston to allentown for the October 6, 1974 show. Things began to go awry when Guitar player, Brad WHITFORD insisted his guitar be on the seat next to him, even though he didn?t pay for the extra seat. Whitford missed his plane twice because of this, and ended up not coming to the show at all.
Things got even crazier at the venue- NACC?s gym was only a few years old and had fire sensors in the ceiling. Aerosmith insisted on using their pyro, but the school administration and student activities director had extensive conversations with their tour manager explaining that if they set off pyro, everyone in the AUDIENCE, the band, and crew would be soaked by the fire sprinkler system. Aerosmith finally relented. They also refused to play their greatest hit "Dream On", because Whitford played a key solo in the song. They eventually gave in on this as well, not wanting to upset or alienate their fans.
The Good Rats opened for them and set the stage from Aerosmith to take. The boston bad boys didn't let anyone down and this probably goies down in the history books as one of the only times they ever played as a 4-piece band.
Roughly 25 years later media five management crossed paths with aerosmith when the band selected the company's client, Fuel, to be their main support for their north american tour.
Just another story on how crazy Rock n Roll can be.

Founding Members:

Steven Tyler – Lead vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards, Percussion (1970–Present)
Tom Hamilton – Bass, Backing Vocals (1970–Present)
Joey Kramer – Drums, Percussion (1970–Present)
Joe Perry – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (1970–79, 1984–Present)
Ray Tabano – Rhythm Guitar (1970–71)

Subsequent Members:

Brad Whitford – Rhythm and Lead Guitar (1971–81, 1984–Present))
Jimmy Crespo – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (1979–84)
Rick Dufay – Rhythm and Lead Guitar (1981–84)

Additional Info:

Sometimes referred to as "The Bad Boys from Boston" or "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band," the Boston, Massachusetts based band Aerosmith, has been rocking out ever since their formation in 1970. Whether it was for hearing them play their driving, blues-based rock classics such as "Mama Kin," or seeing Steven Tyler get behind a grand piano and play "Dream On," Aerosmith was the band to see in the 1970s.