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The Devils  1962-1968   Stroudsburg, PA
The swinging '60s sound of The Devils was iconic for residents in the Poconos. The local band gained national attention during its short time playing together.

Founding Members:

Bob Weidner - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Harp
Ed Hill - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Neil Leister - Tenor Sax & Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bob McNulty - Drums

Subsequent Members:

Johnny Cascioli - Drums

Noteable Highlights:

In April of 2010 all the original members (two live in the studio and two by phone) were interviewed by Pieter & Sally Holland who own/run LiveFromRockNRollRanch.com internet radio station. It was a memorable evening.

"The Devils & The Angels played at a huge venue (I think it was/is called "The Hub"). I've been told many years later that the attendance that night was the largest the club ever held." -Bob Weidner

Additional Info:

The Devil's first began their careers at a dance hop somewhere near Lake Wallenpaupack. They played all over the east coast of NE PA but eventually settled in to a steady job playing three nights a week at the legendary "Charcoal Hearth" (made legendary by The Devils) just outside of Stroudsburg, PA.

During that period Bob Weidner wrote "The Devil Dance" and the band recorded it with Capitol Records (who at the time were located in Scranton, PA). They pressed the first 1,000 45's which were placed in various record shops in the Poconos and the Lehigh Valley area. At one point "The Devil Dance" was number five in the Lehigh Valley and most likely would have gone to number one (based on reports from Speedy's Record Shop and Gene Kaye...a popular LV DJ) However, Capitol Records went on strike and they could not meet the demands for the record anywhere in the area. After a few weeks of no 45's to deliver, the interest faded but the song is still played today on some radio stations in the Lehigh Valley as well as WNTI in Hackettstown, NJ and various radio stations in New York.

At the height of the song's popularity, Gene Kaye brought the band to Cameo Parkway Records in Philadelphia. Gene's idea was to record 'The Devil Dance' but insert the names of other larger cities-the original record had mentioned Stroudsburg, Scranton, and Allentown-and then distribute the record in those regions. The band re-recorded the song in Philadelphia and then over dubbed various cities until they had about five different versions. Soon after that, Gene Kaye managed to get the band onto the famous TV show "Steel Pier" from Atlantic City, NJ. "When The Devils came out to lip sync our song we had no idea which version was going to be played (We only had time to get set up and had no time to talk to the producers running the show). My mother told me afterwards that it was the worst job of lip syncing she had ever seen. I think she exaggerated a bit..." (Wiedner). Chubby Checker also became interested in doing a version of the song, however the record company dissolved before it could be released.

Eventually, The Devils got hooked up with some people in NYC, changed their name to "The Bentleys", recorded another one of Bob Weidner's songs ("Now It's Gone"), played in Manhattan at some famous clubs then spent a summer playing on Long Island. After the summer on Long Island the band broke up.

Information Retrieved from Bob Weidner of the Devils.