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Founding Members:

Tim Lynch
Jeff Farley
Dennis Macarone
Larry Fonte

Subsequent Members:

Nancy Brown

Noteable Highlights:

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Venues Played:

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Additional Info:

Originally formed in 1979 by virtuoso Blackmore-esque guitarist, Tim Lynch, and his friend and Bonham-esque drummer, Larry Fonte, they added solid bass player and vocalist, Jeff Farley, and the multi-talented Dennis Macarone on Sunburst Les Paul as well as Hammond B3/Lesley organ (sometimes in the same song). In 1980, they added the 17 year old front-woman, Nancy Brown, to complete the line-up that would traverse New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania performing a high energy, dualing guitar, rock repertoire that included Heart, Pat Benatar, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rush, Starship, and Bruce Springsteen. The band recorded a number of Tim’s songs that included “Tantalizer”, “Howling at the Moon”, and “Last Call for Rock and Roll” in anticipation of an RCA recording deal, before disbanding in 1982. Tim, Jeff, and Nancy later reunited in the band, “Fair Warning” with Nancy supplementing the trio on rhythm guitar. Tim went on to produce a solo album, Tim Lynch and the Blues Wails. In 1998, friends of Tim Lynch, that included numerous fellow musicians from the Lehigh Valley, conducted a benefit in his honor at the Landslide Saloon attended by former band-mates and 600 other close friends. During an auction of a beautiful Martin acoustic guitar offered by Dave Phillips Music and Sound, the winner, Tim’s good friend Don Kisselbach of Derringer, Alice Cooper and the Turtles, won the guitar and promptly put it up for auction. Jeff continues to perform with Oasis and trop-rock band, Davy and the Wave-Runners. Dennis performs as a solo artist and with the Dennis Macarone band. Nancy performs with her brother, Guitar World Magazine editor and former Snapper roadie, Jimmy Brown. In 2010, Jeff, Nancy, Dave Werkhiser of Magnum and Bob Thomas of Too Stupid To Quit re-recorded “Tantalizer” featured on this site using the 30 year old taped guitar tracks from the original recording.