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The B Street Band     Asbury Park, NJ
With their spot-on vocals and command of their instruments this band does not disappoint. The B Street Band knows how to work a crowd, providing an energetic and fun-filled show for all in attendance. After being together for over 30 years, they have developed a sound in perfect homage to Bruce Springsteen and E Street, being described by fans as a "journey back in time."

Founding Members:

Willie Forte - Vocals, Keyboards
Glenn Stuart - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Congas
Steve Baranian - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Steve Pozzelanti "Poz" - Drums
Steve Myers "The Phantom" - Sax, Vocal
Steve "The Count" Lopresto Bass Guitar

Additional Info:

The BSTREETBAND, originally known as Backstreets, was formed in Asbury Park, New Jersey in May of 1980 by musicians Will Forte and the late Bob Chipak. Since that time, the top drawing band has performed from Maine to the Bahamas for well over 3 million people.

The addition of Springsteen look-alike, Glenn Stuart, furthered the success of the BSTREETBAND who now plays powerful Springsteen favorites as well as dance music. Selections range from the legendary Roy Orbinson, Billy Joel, 70's Disco, and Motown to Tom Petty and John Mellencamp.

THE BSTREETBAND has just about DONE IT ALL! Whether it's opening for Bruce and the E-Street Band at the Phila. Spectrum Final Four Shows; Entertaining Hard Rock Chairman/CEO James Allen and fans at both the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl; Rockin' Duke University and Graduating classes of Harvard and Princeton; or just performing at unique venues as the NY Stock exchange and Congressional Country Club...the list goes on and on. They have played at hundreds of state and local fairs and festivals throughout the North Eastern region.

Over the last 30 years, the band has been estimated to have played in over 800 different nightclubs and 200 colleges through 20 different states and is now considered to be the longest running tribute band in the world.