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Chameleon was originally a five piece founded by Tom Bluder, Steve Cruz, Tass Tilipos, Jack Krupicka, and Ed Willey. Influenced by the changing tides of the early 70's their musical style ever so funkily evolved to become a mixture of jazz fusion and funk. A major blow to the band's early success was dealt as a result of several thousands of dollars worth of equipment being stolen from the band's van, leading to several personnel changes.

Founding Members:

Tom Bluder: Saxaphone, Lead Vocals
Steve Cruz: Bass, Vocals
Tass Filipos: Drums
Jack Krupicka: Keyboards, Vocals
Ed Willey: Guitar, Vocals

Subsequent Members:

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Noteable Highlights:

Founding member Steve Cruz reflects on one of Chameleon's most memorable nights:

"I'll never forget the night we played Ike's Warehouse in Binghamton NY and at the end of the night we were told by some bikers we had to learn 'Smoke On The Water' by the next evening, 'Or else!' At the time (early 70s) we were starting to do more Jazz Fusion and Funk music, so Smoke On The Water was far from our minds to learn. However, since the consequences seemed pretty steep we did indeed learn it by the next evening."

Additional Info:

Chameleon was started by Tom Bluder, Steve Cruz, Tass Tilipos, Jack Krupicka, and Ed Willey. The original five piece was suddenly dealt a major blow as the result of one particular night that will go down in the history of unfortunate musical events. After an appearance at Odysseus in downtown Bethlehem, Chameleon's truck containing instruments and sound equipment exceeding several thousand dollars was stolen from a parking lot. Hobbled by this tremendous loss of equipment, the band would subsequently go through several personnel changes.

Ed Willey, Jack Krupicka and Steve Cruz went on to form Tangerine, a fairly successful lounge act out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania doing mostly clubs and hotels throughout the Northeast. Of Chameleon's original five, Tom is still performing, Tass is involved in Movie soundtrack music, Jack continues to perform in South Carolina, Ed Willey still performs in and around the Jersey Shore, and Steve Cruz has a studio in Florida where he produces music for many artists, including his wife Suzi and five musician sons.