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Live  1991 - Present   York, PA Previously known as Public Affection
Live Live is an American rock band from York, Pennsylvania, composed of Chad Taylor (lead guitar), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass), Chad Gracey (drums) and Ed Kowalczyk (vocals). Chris Shinn later replaced Live's original lead singer in November 2009. Live has sold over 20 million albums worldwide, with their album Throwing Copper going 8x platinum in the United States." "Live is an American rock band from York, Pennsylvania, composed of Chad Taylor (lead guitar), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass), Chad Gracey (drums) and Ed Kowalczyk (vocals). Chris Shinn later replaced Live's original lead singer in November 2009.

Founding Members:

Ed Kowalczyk
Chad Taylor
Patrick Dahlheimer
Chad Gracey

Subsequent Members:

Chris Shinn

Noteable Highlights:

The multi-platinum band from Pennsylvania--Ed Kowalczyk (vocals, guitar), Chad Taylor (guitar, backing vocals), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass) and Chad Gracey (drums, percussion) have sold over 22 million albums worldwide and earned two number one albums (Throwing Copper, Secret Samadhi). Their catalog is filled with such gems as "Lightning Crashes," "I Alone," "All Over You," and "Lakini's Juice," which live on today as classics on rock radio. Throwing Copper produced the band's biggest single, "Lightning Crashes," which was #1 at Modern Rock radio for 10 consecutive weeks. Throwing Copper reached #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and eventually surpassed sales of 10 million albums sold with Rolling Stone honoring the album with placement on their "1994: The 40 Best Records From Mainstream Alternative's Greatest Year." Secret Samadhi (1997) immediately shot to #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and eventually went double platinum. The release of the platinum-selling The Distance to Here (1999) turned +LIVE+ into an international powerhouse and moved the band from arenas into stadiums. +LIVE+ has been and remains today a global concert juggernaut.

Mental Jewelry - PLATINUM in the U.S. and GOLD in Canada

Throwing Copper - 8x PLATINUM in the U.S, 7x PLATINUM in Canada, 6x PLATINUM in Australia, GOLD in the U.K.

Secret Samadhi - 2x PLATINUM in the U.S., PLATINUM in the Netherlands, 2x PLATINUM in Canada

The Distance to Here - PLATINUM in the U.S., GOLD in Belgium, PLATINUM in the Netherlands, PLATINUM in Canada


Throwing Copper
Selling the Drama - #1 U.S. Modern Rock
I Alone - #6 U.S. Modern Rock
Lightning Crashes - #1 U.S. Modern Rock
All Over You - #4 U.S. Modern Rock
White, Discussion - #15 U.S. Modern Rock

Mental Jewelry
Operation Spirit (The Tyranny of Tradition) - #9 U.S. Modern Rock

Secret Samadhi
Lakini's Juice - #1 U.S. Modern Rock
Freaks - #13 U.S. Modern Rock
Turn My Head - #3 U.S. Modern Rock
Rattlesnake - #18 U.S. Modern Rock

The Distance To Here
The Dolphin's Cry - #3 U.S. Modern Rock
Run to the Water - #14 U.S. Modern Rock
They Stood Up For Love - #31 U.S. Modern Rock

EPs - 2

9/13/90 - Band records demo in Philadelphia with Jay Healy/Hollywood Records
1991 - Signed by Phil Shuster (The Ramones) and Gary Kurfirst (Talking Heads, B-52's, The Eurythmics) to Radioactive Records / MCA
8/6 to 9/16/91 - Tour supporting The Ramones in Canada
9/23/91 - Four Songs is released
10/27/91-11/19/91 - Tour supporting Fatima Mansions
12/21/91-2/22/92 - Acoustic Tour Promo
12/31/91 - Mental Jewelry Released - Billboard #200 - First week on chart
3/3/92 - Live contract their first tour bus (1975 Eagle Model 5)
3/13 to 4/24/92 - 120 Minutes Tour w/ B.A.D., PIL and Blind Melon
5/17 to 6/2/92 - First European Tour
7/24/93 - Throwing Copper Pre-production Begins
8/7/93 - Throwing Copper Recording Session with Jerry Harrison, Producer/ Lou Giordano, Engineer
8/19/93 - Throwing Copper Sessions wrap
8/22/93 - Throwing Copper Mixing begins Lou Giordano mixing
8/27/93 - Throwing Copper Mixing Tom Lord-Alge mixing
12/18/93 - Live celebrates CBGB 20th Anniversary (filmed)
1/24/94 - Video shoot for Mental Jewelry at Chameleon Club (Lancaster, PA)
4/26/94 - Throwing Copper Released
4/30/94-5/29/94 - Tour with Vic Chesnutt and Angelfish opening
7/12/94-7/22/94 - WOMAD Festival (Supporting Midnight Oil & Peter Gabriel)
8/12/94 - Woodstock '94
9/29/94-11/20/94 - Tour with Weezer and Fatima Mansions
5/18/95 - White Discussion video shoot in Fresno, CA
12/6/95 - Billboard Music Awards Winner: Rock Artist of the Year
6/9/99 - Sony Studios recording for VH1 Hard Rock Live

Four Songs (EP)
1. "Operation Spirit"
2. "Good Pain"
3. "Heaven Wore a Shirt"
4. "Negation"

Mental Jewelry
1. "Pain Lies on the Riverside"
2. "Operation Spirit (The Tyranny of Tradition)"
3. "The Beauty of Gray"
4. "Brothers Unaware"
5. "Tired of 'Me'"
6. "Mirror Song"
7. "Waterboy"
8. "Take My Anthem"
9. "You Are the World"
10. "Good Pain"
11. "Mother Earth Is a Vicious Crowd"
12. "10,000 Years (Peace Is Now)"

Lightning Crashes (Single)
1. "Lightning Crashes (Edit)"
2. "Lightning Crashes (Live at Glastonbury)"
3. "The Beauty of Gray (Bootleg)"

Throwing Copper
1. "The Dam at Otter Creek"
2. "Selling the Drama"
3. "I Alone"
4. "Iris"
5. "Lightning Crashes"
6. "Top"
7. "All Over You"
8. "Shit Towne"
9. "T.B.D."
10. "Stage"
11. "Waitress"
12. "Pillar of Davidson"
13. "White, Discussion"
14. "Horse"

Secret Samadhi
1. "Rattlesnake"
2. "Lakini's Juice"
3. "Graze"
4. "Century"
5. "Ghost"
6. "Unsheathed"
7. "Insomnia and the Hole in the Universe"
8. "Turn My Head"
9. "Heropsychodreamer"
10. "Freaks"
11. "Merica"
12. "Gas Hed Goes West"

The Distance to Here
1. "The Dolphin's Cry"
2. "The Distance" 3:51
3. "Sparkle"
4. "Run to the Water"
5. "Sun" 3:32
6. "Voodoo Lady"
7. "Where Fishes Go"
8. "Face and Ghost (The Children's Song)"
9. "Feel the Quiet River Rage"
10. "Meltdown"
11. "They Stood Up for Love"
12. "We Walk in the Dream"
13. "Dance with You"

Live 101: Volume 1
1. "Selling the Drama"

Y-100 Sonic Sessions
1. "I Alone"

2000 Millennium Gift Limited Edition
1. "Vine Street"
2. "Sun (Loop Version)"

2000 Friends of Live: Holiday Gift
1. "All Over You"
2. "The Beauty of Gray"
3. "The Distance"
4. "Shit Town"
5. "They Stood Up For Love (Acoustic Version)
6. "Imagine"

Awake: The Best of Live
1. "Operation Spirit (The Tyranny of Tradition)"
2. "Pain Lies on the Riverside"
3. "The Beauty of Gray"
4. "Selling the Drama"
5. "I Alone"
6. "Lightning Crashes"
7. "All Over You"
8. "Pillar of Davidson"
9. "We Deal in Dreams"
10. "Lakini's Juice"
11. "Turn My Head"
12. "The Dolphin's Cry"
13. "Run to the Water"
14. "Dance with You"
15. "Overcome"
16. "Nobody Knows"
17. "Heaven"
18. "Run Away" (with Shelby Lynne)
19. "I Walk the Line" (Johnny Cash cover)

Venues Played:

9:30 Club (Washington, DC)
Agora Ballroom (Cleveland, OH)
Aladdin Theater (Las Vegas, NV)
Allentown Fairgrounds (Allentown, PA)
American Idol (Hollywood, CA)
American Theater (St. Louis, MO)
Astro Arena (Houston, TX)
Avalon Ballroom (Boston, MA)
Bank One Ballpark (Phoenix, AZ)
Bayfront Park (Miami, FL)
Beach Club (Orlando, FL)
Beacon Theater (New York, NY)
Beale St. Music Fest (Memphis, TN)
Benedum Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
Big City (York, PA)
Blockbuster (Charlotte, NC)
Blockbuster E-Centre (Camden, NJ)
Blossom Music Center (Cleveland, OH)
Bogart's (Cincinnati, OH)
Bottle & Cork (Dewey Beach, DE)
Brown's Island (Richmond VA)
Bryce Jordan Center (State College, PA)
Cabaret Metro (Chicago, IL)
Cal Expo (Sacromento, CA)
Cambria Country Fair (Ebensburg, PA)
Camden (England)
Camelot Records (Chicago, IL)
Carnegie Hall (New York, NY)
Cattle Club (Sacramento, CA)
CAW Center (Ontario)
Chandler Sports Complex (Australia)
City Gardens (Trenton, NJ)
Classic Amphitheater (Richmond, VA)
Club Baby Head (Providence, RI)
Club Casino (Hatton Beach, NH)
Club Detroit (St. Petersburg, FL)
Club DV8 (Salt Lake City, UT)
Club Spit (Long Island, NY)
Coca Cola Lakewood (Atlanta, GA)
Coca Cola Starplex (Dallas, TX)
Coliseum (Salt Lake City, UT)
Concord Pavilion (Concord, CA)
Crocodile Cafe (Seattle, WA)
Crowbar (State College, PA)
Coral Sky (West Palm Beach, FL)
Cumberland Civic Center (Porland, ME)
DAR Constitution Hall (Washington, DC)
Darien Lake PAC (Darien Center, NY)
Decibel's (Mechanicsburg, NJ)
Decker Park (Austin, TX)
Deep Ellum Live (Phoenix, AZ)
Deer Creek (Indianapolis, IN)
Delta Center (Salt Lake City, UT)
Dennis Miller Show (Los Angeles, CA)
Desert Sky Pavilion (Phoenix, AZ)
Detroit State Theater (Detroit, MI)
Edenfest (Ontario)
Egypt (Philadelphia, PA)
Electric Factory (Philadelphia, PA)
Ely Hill (Westfield, MA)
Empire (Cleveland, OH)
Erie Civic Center (Erie, PA)
Exmp Hall (Tampa, FL)
Fast Lane (Boston, MA)
First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)
Flood Zone (Richmond, VA)
Fox Theater (Boulder, CO)
Garden State Arts Center (Holmdel, NJ)
Georgia Theater (Athens, GA)
Globe Theater (Norwalk, CT)
Graffiti Club (Pittsburgh, PA)
Graham's (Pheonix, AZ)
Great Woods Center (Mansfield, MA)
Greek Theater (Los Angeles, CA)
Hammerjacks (Baltimore, MD)
Hammerstein Ballroom (NY, NY)
Hampton Casino (Hampton Beach, NH)
Hard Rock Cafe (Various)
Hardee's Walnut Creek (Raleigh, NC)
Hershey Stadium (Hershey, PA)
Horden Pavilion (Australia)
House of Blues (Various)
Howard Stern Show (NY, NY)
Hyundai Pavilion (Devore, CA)
Icon (Buffalo, NY)
International Ballroom (Atlanta, GA)
Irvine Meadows (Irvine, CA)
Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Jannus Landing (St. Petersburg, FL)
Jennerstown Speedway (Jennerstown, PA)
John Stewart Show
Jones Beach (Wantagh, NY)
Justin Herman Plaza (San Francisco, CA)
King Street Palace (Charleston, SC)
Lake Havasu (Lake Havasu, AZ)
Lakewood (Atlanta, GA)
La Luna (Portland, OR)
La Zona Rosa (Austin, TX)
Late Show with David Letterman (NY, NY)
LB Day (Salem, OR)
Lee's Palace (Torono)
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (Providence, RI)
Mann Music Center (Phila., PA)
Market St. Square (Scranton, PA)
Maxwell's (Hoboken, NJ)
McCown Fieldhouse (Winona, MN)
Merriweather Post (Coumbia, MD)
Mesa Amphitheater (Phoenix, AZ)
Metropolis (Quebec)
Miami Arena (Miami, FL)
Mississippi Coliseum (Jackson, MS)
Mississippi Nights (St. Louis, MO)
Metropol (Pittsburgh, PA)
Metropolis (Quebec)
Moles (England)
Molson (Toronto)
Montage Mountain (Scranton, PA)
Moore Theater (Seattle, WA)
Murat Center (Indianapolis, IL)
Museum of Contemp. Art (La Jolla, CA)
MTV (New York, NY)
MTV Unplugged (New York, NY)
Myth Nightclub
Nautica In the Flats (Cleveland, OH)
New Music Festival (Harrisburg, PA)
Nelson Mandela Room (Binghamton, NY)
Newport Music Hall (Columbus, OH)
Nokia Theatre Times Sq. (NY, NY)
Northern Lights (Clifton Park, NY)
Numbers (Austin, TX)
Oak Mountain (Birminham, AL)
Obsessions (Randolph, NJ)
Olympic Park (Australia)
Ogden Theater (Denver, CO)
Olde York St. Fair (York, PA)
Open Air Theater (San Diego, CA)
Orpheum Theater (Boston, MA)
Pacific Coliseum (Canada)
Paradise Ballroom (Boston, MA)
Paramount (Denver, CO)
Peppermint Beach Club (Norfolk, VA)
Performing Arts Center (Saratoga, NY)
Pheonix (Ontario)
Pines Pavilion (Ontario)
Pine Knob Music Theater (Clarkston, MI)
PNC Bank Arts Center (Holmdel, NJ)
Poland Spring Arena (Toms River, NJ)
Polaris (Columbus, OH)
Pollack Convention Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Prince of Wales (Australia)
Pterodactyl (Charlotte, NC)
Quandt Fieldhouse (Stevens Point, WI)
Railroad Reservation Park (Birmingham, AL)
Raji's (Los Angeles, CA)
Rckndy (Seattle, WA)
Red Rocks (Denver, CO)
Regents Center (Decorah, IA)
RFK Stadium (Washington, DC)
Rialto Movie Theater (Canada)
Riverbend Music Center (Cincinnati, OH)
Riverfest (Little Rock, AK)
Riverport (St. Louis, MO)
Rivers Edge (Somerset, WI)
Riverwalk Amphitheater (Montgomery, AL)
Riviera Theater (Chicago, IL)
Robertson Fieldhouse (Peroria, IL)
Rocky Point (Warwick, RI)
Rose Garden (Portland, OR)
Roseland Theater (Portland, OR)
RPI Fieldhouse (Troy, NY)
Saenger Theater (New Orleans, LA)
Sandstone (Kansas City, MO)
Saratoga PAC (Albany, NY)
Scenic River Days (Reading, PA)
Shank Hall (Milwaukee, WI)
Shoreline (Mountain View, CA)
Smith Center (Washington, DC)
Sonar (Baltimore, MD)
Sound FX (San Diego, CA)
South Park Meadows (Austin, TX)
Sovereign PAC (Reading, PA)
St. Andrews (Detroit, MI)
Stardust Club (Wildwood, NJ)
Starlake (Pittsburgh, PA)
Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ)
Starplex Pavillioin (Dallas, TX)
Starwood (Nashville, TN)
State Theater (Detroit, MI)
Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ)
Suede (Park City, UT)
Sun Dome (Tampa, FL)
Sunshine Theatre (Albuquerque, NM)
Summer Sounds Festival (Charlotte, NC)
Tempe Beach Park (Temple, AZ)
The Academy (New York, NY)
The Backroom (Dallas, TX)
The Barn (Bensalem, PA)
The Beach Club (Harvey's Lake, PA)
The Boathouse (Norfolk, VA)
The Coyote Club (Wilmington, DE)
The Dutch Club (York, PA)
The Edge (Orland, FL)
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Burbank, CA)
The Fillmore (San Francisco, CA)
The Gateway Mall (St. Louis, MI)
The Gorge (George, WA)
The Join (Las Vegas, NV)
The Ketch (Beach Haven, NJ)
The Mad Monk (Wilmington, DE)
The Marquee (Boulder, CO)
The Meadows (Hartford, CT)
The Moon (New Haven, CT)
The Ocean Center (Daytona, FL)
The OZ (Seattle, WA)
The Palladium (Worchester, MA)
The Rage (Vancouver, B.C.)
The Rave (Milwaukee, WI)
The Ritz (New York, NY)
The Roxy (Los Angeles, CA)
The Sonic Garage (York, PA)
The Spectrum (Philadelphia, PA)
The Sting (New Britain, CT)
The Stone Pony (Ashbury Park, NJ)
The Tonight Show (Burbank, CA)
The Trocadero (Philadelphia, PA)
The Vault (Harrisburg, PA)
The Viper Room (Los Angeles, CA)
The Woodlands (Austin, TX)
Theater of the Living Arts (Phila., PA)
Toad's Place (New Haven, CT)
Tower Theater (Philadelphia, PA)
Town Pump (Vancouver)
Tradewinds (Sea Bright, NJ)
Trax (Charlottesville, VA)
Trees (Dallas, TX)
TT Bear's (Boston, MA)
Union Hall (Phoenix, AZ)
Universal Amphitheater (Los Angeles, CA)
Upstage (Oakland, PA)
Uptown Theater (Kansas City, MO)
Van Andel Arena (Grand Rapids, MI)
Variety Playhouse (Atlanta, GA)
Verizon Wireless Theater (Houston, TX)
Viejas Casino (Alpine, CA)
Walnut Creek (Raleigh, NC)
Warfield (San Francisco, CA)
Warehouse (Ontario)
Warner Theater (Erie, PA)
Wetlands (New York, NY)
Whittemore Arena (Durham, NH)
Wildwood Center (Wildwood, NJ)
William Penn Sr. High (York, PA)
Wiltern (Los Angeles, CA)
Wolf Mountain (Salk Lake City, UT)
Woodstock '94
Woodstock '99
Woody's (New York, NY)
World Beat Center (San Diego, CA)
Worlds Fair Park (Knoxville, TN)
York Fair Grounds (York, PA)
Zellerbach Hall (Berkley, CA)