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Solution A.D.  1991-1996   Lancaster, PA
Solution A.D. was an American rock band discovered in northeast Pennsylvania in 1991 by Live guitarist, Chad Taylor. He was impressed with their work after a performance at the CBGB and agreed to produce their debut EP, A Week There One Night that released in 1996. The group later released a full-length album titled, Happily Ever After with Atlantic Records. Their single, "Fearless" from the album received airplay on MTV and alternative radio stations.

Founding Members:

Kevin Leggieri - Bass
Toby Costa - Vocals
M.J. Law - Drums
David Currier - Keyboard/Trombone
Mike Hoover - Guitar

Noteable Highlights:

Signed by Craig Kallman to the TAG Records imprint of Atlantic records. Their indie record Happily Ever After was produced by Chad Taylor and mixed by Jay Healy at Philadelphia's world renowned Sigma Sound Studio which was the home studio for bands like Gamble and Huff, Aretha Franklin and David Bowie. The record went to #1 in North Jersey and garnered the interest of legendary Music Industry Executive Seymour Stein (Madonna, The Ramones, Talking Heads). Solution AD was known for its powerful live sets and toured America with act like The Ramones, Spacehog, David Bowie, Goo Goo Dolls, Live, and Blind Melon.

The single "Fearless", taken from the full-length, received airplay on MTV and reached #33 on the Billboard Modern Rock charts in 1996.

1. "TwentyNothing"
2. "Wife"
3. "Solution"
4. "Salty and Sweet"
5. "Crucial"
6. "Kaleidoscope"
7. "Secret"
8. "Find a Reason"
9. "Flex and Bend"
10. "A"

A Week There One Night (EP)
1. "Something I'd Like To Forget"
2. "Salty And Sweet"
3. "Fearless"
4. "Pity Party"
5. "It's Not Funny"
6. "Human Bean"

Pity Party (Record)
1. Side A: "Pity Party"
2. Side B: "Secret (Bonus Track)"

1. "Fearless (Radio Edit)"
2. "Throw It Away (Non-LP Bonus Track)"
3. "It's Not Funny (Non-LP Version)"

Fearless (Single)
1. "Fearless"

Happily Ever After
1. "Atypical Day"
2. "Fearless"
3. "Haunt"
4. "Something I'd Like To Forget"
5. "Salty & Sweet"
6. "Comfortable"
7. "It's Not Funny"
8. "Called Johnny"
9. "Ask Me Again"
10. "Silent"
11. "Human Bean"
12. "Hope"

Additional Info:

The Pocono region of Pennsylvania, USA, may be a picturesque area best known for its honeymoon resorts, but it is an awkward place from which to launch a career in rock; from their home-town of Stroudsburg, however, Solution AD did exactly this in 1990. Guitarist and singer Toby Costa and drummer MJ Law had been playing music together since high school, but with the addition of guitarist Mike Hoover and bassist Kevin Leggieri, they rebelled against the local scene of big-haired metal bands and the prevalent cover version mentality. Originally known as just Solution, the band added "a.d." when another Solution was discovered. The band's melodic, fierce sound "equal parts driving rhythm and Telecaster strum" was unified but also impressively diverse. The band toured countless colleges and clubs building up an all-important local fanbase. In late 1994 they released Twentynothing. As a debut it merely served to prove their live capabilities. Hence, they decided to send a live-show tape to Chad Taylor, guitarist with Live. He liked their sound so much that they collaborated on a series of demos, completed in a blistering two-day session. The songs were released as the A Week There One Night EP and several alternative rock stations picked up on the record's lead track "Fearless". It became increasingly obvious that there was a ready market for their brand of intelligent, aggressive rock. Happily Ever After followed "including a new version of 'Fearless'" and was once more produced with Taylor. It sparkled with a diverse range of fluid rock textures and moods. At last they had captured the essence of their music... a varied and emotive take on post-grunge rock