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Founding Members:

Marty Druckman
Benjy King
Donnie Kisselbach
Dave Brenowitz

Subsequent Members:

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Noteable Highlights:

After Capney disbanded, Benjy and Donnie joined Bob Kimmel to play in the band Pentagon.

Venues Played:

Odysseus – Bethlehem PA

Additional Info:

Toward the end of touring with the High Keys, frontman Marty Druckman originally put together Capney for NY producer Jim Lenner. Capney started by playing in Florida and Atlanta, GA. and eventually co-headlined Hot Lanta (later renamed Headrest), a big 3000 seat club in Atlanta. They shared the two stages with Lynyrd Skynyrd and alternated sets during that time. Lynyrd Skynyrd became very good friends with the band from those shows.

While in Florida, Druckman met Benjy King for the first time and invited him to play in Capney for a record project with Jimmy Lenner. Later they were joined by Donnie Kisselbach and Dave Brenewitz. They then rented a house in the Poconos, moved in and began rehearsing for the project while gigging around the east coast.

After a long run, the band split up. Druckman went into business with Ric Carhart (bass player for the High Keys) and Cris Fichera opening a commercial recording studio in E Stroudsburg PA. Druckman also started a Jingle company and went on to write and produce around 100 jingles, some still on air today. Donnie and Marty remained close going back and forth from NYC to LA writing and recording. Benjy moved to NYC and started playing in a band called Scandal with Patty Smyth.



On Friday April 27th 2018, A Celebration of Life was held for Phillipsburg, New Jersey native Marty Druckman. He passed away unexpectedly on August 10th, 2017 at the age of 65 in Los Angeles. Marty was known nationally as a well respected musician and recording artist who toured America and played and engineered on many recording sessions. He is especially known is her early years for being a founding member with He was a musician's musician and was known for being humble even though he was a giant in the eye?s of respected musicians and Music Industry people.

He started his career at 13 years old in Phillipsburg, NJ. Through his performances Marty attracted the attention of the regional music community. The High Keys original recordings attracted attention of some of the biggest record industry executives including Jimmy Ienner. The Keys' powerful and soulful harmonies and Marty's electrifying guitar playing brought them national attention. They toured the East Coast and were opening acts for many of the late 60s and 70s most popular Rock bands.

Marty was a lifetime Grammy member and a two time Grammy award winner. He is credited as a songwriter on Atlantic Recording Artist Fiona?s debut album. Marty had many friends and fans in the industry. Everywhere Marty performed friendships developed with audience members, musicians, vocalists, and producers who he came into contact with.
Benjy King, an all-encompassing producer, arranger, engineer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist died on September 21 from an accident in New York City.

Benjy has a four decade history and friendship with Media Five and a number of their artists. This began when booked him and the popular regional band, Capney in the early 70's. From the beginning, he was an incredible musician and a charismatic singer and performer.

Through his amazing talent, Benjy shared the stage with some of the biggest artists in the world. In the 80s, he was a founding member of the MTV/VH1 famed band Scandal that earned platinum records for their hits and videos for Goodbye To You and The Warrior. From there he went on to tour internationally with other major recording artists.

As his name quickly made its way around the industry, the demand for his talent, mixed with his insatiable will to learn, established lifelong connections for Benjy with several award-winning producers. This is where his path became apparent.

Since then Benjy produced over thirty records for artists such as Lesley Gore, the band LIVE (formerly Public Affection), Tommy James, Jim Boggio, Russ Bonagura, Remy Tesser, Lauren Echo, Shaun Barker, Rebecca Hart, Paul Alexander, Jeff Jacobson, Felix Van Dijk and did multi-instrumental session work on The Starting Line, "Based On A True Story," Boyd Tinsley "True Reflections" and Greg Raposo's debut release.

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